Do you have a company that touches the Cannabis industry and you’re ready to seek funding?  Consider applying to pitch at the Cannabis Capital Summit.

Apply to Pitch at Cannabis Capital Summit

The CCS is an event to educate both investors and entrepreneurs about investing opportunities in the Cannabis industry.  Part of the conference includes five minute pitches from Cannabis related companies who are actively raising capital.  Investors evaluate the pitches, ask questions and invest in the companies that they think are most likely to be successful.


There is no cost to apply to the program and pitch companies will have the opportunity to go through the RVC Pitch Academy where you will be trained in all aspects of venture capital, including strategies for raising money, delivering a compelling pitch and closing the deal.  Companies that are accepted to pitch will also receive a pitch coach who can help them through the process.

Unlike other pitch events, RVC pitch companies benefit from the community of Angel investors who make up the RVC community.  RVC Angels collaborate on investments and are active investors in a wide variety of deal types.  We recently closed on our first Cannabis deal with a high level of enthusiasm and engagement.