Troy Dayton, CEO of The Arc View Group.

Troy was formerly the Marijuana Policy Project’s top fundraiser and lead liaison to the legal cannabis industry. The dues paying members of MPP  recently elected Troy to the board with more than 75% of the vote in a 3-way race. He co-founded Students for Sensible Drug Policy  (now on over 200 campuses), and helped launch and serve as the first sales director at  Renewable Choice Energy (recently named the #1 green power provider by the EPA).  He is a founding board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association.  In his spare time Troy enjoys singing karaoke and planning and blogging about Burning Man.

Roberto Lopesino Seidita, is the vice president of business development for Advanced Cannabis Solutions, one of the leading cannabis companies in the public sector.

Since March 2013, he has operated a consulting business that studies and monitors the agricultural and logistical methods under development for the large scale cultivation of medical and recreational cannabis. Implementing a unique volumetric analysis and design educational process. Since April 2011, Mr. Lopesino Seidita has operated a non-brokered cannabis commodities market for the commercial production of medical and recreational cannabis. Providing the only historical data and understanding of the evolution of the nations leading regulated cannabis environment. He was the owner and manager of North Boulder Wellness Center in Boulder, Colorado, a multi-site medical dispensary and producer of marijuana. Mr. Lopesino Seidita studied engineering at Purdue University and the University of Colorado in Boulder.

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