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Investing in Cannabis Workshop is an optional event following the Cannabis Capital Summit.

Who should attend?  Anyone wanting to know more about the inside of the business.  What are the key strategies and metrics that allow you to evaluate a deal?   Cannabis entrepreneurs learn how to put together the best business model and investors learn how to evaluate existing businesses.

Where is the event?  This workshop will be held at Thrive Workspaces, 201 Milwaukee Ave. Denver, CO in Cherry Creek

When is the event?  The event follows the conference on Friday morning from 10:30-12:30 am May 30

What is the cost?  The workshop costs $49 and is available only to attendees of the Cannabis Capital Summit.


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Advanced Cannabis Solutions Investor Workshop

May 30 - 10:30AM - 12.30PM - Thrive - 201 Milwaukee Ave. Denver
Cost $49 for conference attendees
The workshop will be three parts presented over a 2-3hr period

The goal of the workshop is to provide a frame of reference and a set of tools to investors for the analysis of existing and the design of future cannabis businesses.
Part I; A historical timeline understanding of commercial cannabis cultivation: 

- Understanding the unique characteristics of the cannabis plant and the specific challenges it presents. 
- Genetic challenges from prohibition and clone propagation.
- The ‘stone age’ of growing methods and systems.
- The exponential growth dilemma.
Part II; analyzing large-scale commercial cannabis cultivation.
- The 5 cultivation parameters and modifier.
- The universal language of engineering units applied to cannabis cultivation. 
- The 3 timelines. 
- The 3 stages of compliance.
- Technology and training as the foundation of compliance.
Part III; Case studies:
- Garden of the Gods and the creation of the ‘Walmart of Cannabis’.
- Understanding cannabis extractions.
- The cannabis edibles challenge.
- Cannabis as medicine and the genetics future.



Roberto Lopesino Seidita, is the vice president of business development for Advanced Cannabis Solutions, one of the leading cannabis companies in the public sector.

Since March 2013, he has operated a consulting business that studies and monitors the agricultural and logistical methods under development for the large scale cultivation of medical and recreational cannabis. Implementing a unique volumetric analysis and design educational process. Since April 2011, Mr. Lopesino Seidita has operated a non-brokered cannabis commodities market for the commercial production of medical and recreational cannabis. Providing the only historical data and understanding of the evolution of the nations leading regulated cannabis environment. He was the owner and manager of North Boulder Wellness Center in Boulder, Colorado, a multi-site medical dispensary and producer of marijuana. Mr. Lopesino Seidita studied engineering at Purdue University and the University of Colorado in Boulder.