Cannabis Capital Summit - Keynote Speaker

The Cannabis Capital Summit kicks off with a presentation by our keynote speaker who will share their insight and experience working in the industry.

tripp keber

Tripp Keber, Chief Executive Officer, Dixie Brands, Inc

As one of two original founders of the Dixie Elixirs and Edibles company, Colorado’s premiere licensed marijuana infused products manufacturer (MIPS), Tripp Keber now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Dixie Brands, Inc. Widely hailed as one of this nascent industry’s indispensable leaders, when Tripp isn’t thinking about the future vision of Dixie and the industry, he is supporting the efforts of the National Cannabis Industry Association, where he is a founding member and current Board Director. Additionally since 2013, he has served as a Board Member of both the Marijuana Policy Project and The Council for Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR), as well as an Advisory Board member of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group in Colorado.  In his current role as CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc., Tripp gets to work on the really “fun” stuff and is responsible for the overall strategy, licensing, marketing, branding and expansion efforts related to the Dixie brand both domestically and internationally.


Prior to building Dixie into a cannabis leader, Tripp served as Chief Operating Officer for Bella Terra Resort Development Company, and EVP of Business Development for Sagebrush Realty Development.


He has a BS in Political Science from Villanova University and currently resides in both Aspen and Denver, CO with his family. He is involved in several charitable organizations located within his community, but his greatest philanthropic passion is assisting in the research and development of cannabis support for veterans suffering from PTSD.

Luncheon Keynote Speakers:

During the lunch hour two industry experts will answer any of the questions that you have about the cannabis industry.

Patrick Rea, Co-Founder and Managing Director of CanopyBoulder

17-year veteran of startups, growth companies and big corporate entities. Background in M&A and venture capital with a focus on health, wellness and self-care.



Micah TapmanMicah Tapman, Partner and Program Manager of CanopyBoulder

A veteran of both the U.S. Marine Corps and the Fortune 500 world. Entrepreneur and visionary with a focus on strategy. Also representing the great state of Maine and the Boston Red Sox.